4/34 Robert Morton Organ
Ohio Theatre - Columbus, OH
Solo Chamber
Other Pipes

The large pedal pipes take up most of the space in the solo chamber. In fact only nine of the 34 ranks of pipes are in this chamber. Here we see some of the 8' Vox Humana rank and some of the smaller pipes of the 16' Tuba Mirabilis rank. The odd construction of the Vox Humana pipes is clearly shown in these photos.

solo vox humana                        solo vox humana

The Tibia or Tibia Clausa is one of the most important ranks on a theater organ. It is one of the ranks of pipes which separates the classical organ from the theater organ. Usually played with the tremolo, it has a distinctive sound which evokes images of a silent film or old time radio show.

In the left photo we see some of the smallest pipes of the 16' Tibia Clausa rank. Note that the smallest pipes are actually made of metal instead of wood. The right photo shows more of the Tibia Clausa pipes along with the 16' Tuba Mirabilis and 16' Diaphonic Diapaison ranks. Also note the amount of electrical tape used to wrap all of the wires!

tibia  tibia

Below are three images of the 8' French Trumpet. As can be seen by the left photo, these pipes sit directly in front of some of the pipes from the 16' Tuba Mirabilis rank, and in fact look very similar to them as well. Behind these pipes are pipes from the 16' Diaphonic Diapason rank. Also note in the left photo the small copper colored tuning slide in the boot of the pipe. The center photo shows how the pipes are harnessed so they don't fall over. The size difference between the Tuba Mirabilis and French Trumpet pipes is clearly shown in the right photo.

8' French Trumpet 8' French Trumpet 8' French Trumpet

Solo - English Horn and French Trumpet The top level of pipes houses the 8' English Horn, 8' French Trumpet, 8' Viola Celeste, and 8' Kinura ranks. On the left, we can see in the  foreground the rather oddly shaped pipes of the 8' English Horn rank. Behind it are the smaller pipes of the 8' French Trumpet. The right photo shows the same two ranks, plus the large Chinese gong and the mitered 16' Gamba pipes. Note the Gamba pipe shadows on the back wall.
Solo - Top level of pipes

16' Gamba

Fanning out like legs of a spider are the mitered pipes of the 16' Gamba rank. The wood pipes directly in front are from the 16' Tibia Clausa rank.

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